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Item Detail

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Global ID: #GSE9205919
Price: Negotiable
Category: Passenger Bus


  • Basic Information
  • Manufacturer: Contrac
  • Year of Manufacture: 2009 (2014)
  • Type: Cobus 3000
  • Quantity: 4
  • Working Hours: 60
  • Location: USA{Location of the item}
  • Chassis Manufacturer: Mercedes
  • Engine Manufacturer: Mercedes
  • Passenger Capacity: 112
  • Aircondition: 1
Condition: Excellent


COBUS 3000 - Airport Passenger Buses FOR SALE - Up to 112 passengers (12 seated), Kneeling Bus,
Engine/drive train developed specially for airport use (Mercedes Benz Engine OM 926), Aluminum body, A/C for driver’s and passengers’ compartment driven by separate power pack, Wide wing door on both sides, Reverse camera system, Equipped with wheelchair ramp access, One spare front wheel, One spare rear wheel, Initial spare parts package included with service and operational manuals.


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