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DENGE Airport Equipment

Street: Metal-Is Sanayi Sit. 10 10 Ikitelli
Postcode: 34306
City: Istanbul
Country: Turkey
Phone: +90 212 549 8866
Fax: +90 212 549 7530
Contact Person: Murat DENGE

DENGE is the leading Ground Support Equipment manufacturer in Turkey with its experience of more than 30 years in history. Since 1982, DENGE is offering wide range of GSE to its customers worldwide. The product range has been categorised into 3 sections such as :

  •   Ground Support Equipment
  •   Airport Cargo Transfer Systems
  •   Baggage Handling Systems

DENGE is specialised on Apron equipment and Terminal equipment; which includes Baggage Handling Systems, Container Storage Systems and Racks, Cargo Warehouse handling systems, etc.

Located in between the contact point of continents, i.e. Istanbul, Denge is based in an industrial zone which is 10 minutes drive to the main airport of the city. Being very closed to its supplier, DENGE has a very flexible production capactiy which can be doubled easily in order to cover the quick customer needs, as well as which can be reduced down in order to minimize the costs to have the customer the stable and fixed prices.

Additionally,the production is capacity increased by the new factory of 4000 square meter on a land of 18 acre since 2007.

DENGE has its certifications of ISO 9001:2000 for its quality assurance and CE for its products which improves all the processes within the company day by day. With a high-speed after sales service and spareparts supply department, all of DENGE equipment are almost 100% in operation.

As well as GSE, DENGE is also manufacturing Baggage Handling Systems for Airports and has supplied various Check-in, feeder and transfer conveyors as well as Carousels with different types to a lot of International Airports.

Moreover, DENGE also has its expertise in Cargo Warehouses, where all the transfer lines in the export and import sections can be designed, projected, and manufactured by our team. DENGE can offer various solutions for truck loading and unloading processes, especially when customers do not have enough spaces, or when they use the spaces more for the cargo area, such as complete hydrauilic turntables with scissor lifts which can carry up to 20-30 tons.

30rd year of DENGE ,has turned DENGE products to  green which are battery  powered Equipments to keep leading position industry and to improve progressive identity of DENGE.

DENGE`s Vision is “To be a globally preferred provider to GSE professionals.” Our Mission to support this Vision.

The DENGE Executive Team believes in managing all of its processes for the continued improvement of our products, services and the environment, for our generation today and future generations to come. DENGE Management is strongly committed to this philosophy.

We still insist on being “practical in design, economic in price, safe in operation.”


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