Terms Of Use

Terms Of Use

T E R M S   O F   U S E




  1. GSE Suppliers Company, owner of the internet website www.gsesuppliers.com provides its visitors and members with a wide range of services, choices and sources that lead to information as well as advertisement for parts, objects, dividends etc for new and used/second hand equipment for land and air gear for airplanes.
  2. The use of the services provided will be ruled under these rules. Before listing any asset for sale, please read this agreement carefully.
  3. Visitors/members of this website understand and accept that services of this website are provided ‘as it is’ and that the owner holds no or declines any obligation or responsibility for the limitation of time, the erase, the poor performance or the incapability of storage for the data of its members as well as for any damage could be caused to them during the use of this website.
  4. Visitors/members of this website have the responsibility for entering and using this website and understand that their connection might cost them various charges and payment to third parties (e.g. internet hosts, providers etc).
  5. Visitors/members of this website are responsible for their personal equipment with all technological means that would allow them to enter and enjoy our services.
  6. By selecting the "yes" button when you see the phrase "Do you accept the terms listed in the Seller Agreement?" you accept the terms and conditions of this Agreement and shall be bound by them. If you do not agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement, you may not sell any assets on this site advertise any asset for sale or post any information to the Website.


II. DISCLAIMER           

For the information we provide

This website publishes information and advertisements without guaranteeing or taking any responsibility or risk concerning the content, the truth, the accuracy, and the fidelity of them. For this purpose members and visitors understand and accept that they are using all information under their own will and they undertake the responsibility themselves for crosschecking and confirming all information given.

Visitors and members must evaluate the information and they are responsible for any risk or danger the use of such content might cause them, including the decision to cope with the truth, accuracy and utility of the content.

After the above mentioned, visitors and members fully understand and accept that they cannot rely simply on the content of this website.

Communication between members / transaction for buying and sell

This website has no responsibility for the communication between members – visitors and any other person that has published advertisement on this website as well as for any other damage might be caused during any transaction they will make.

All information and material (including offered products, material, information, tools etc) of this website is only for information purposes or for advertisement.

The material of this website, under no circumstances, cannot imply or lead to advice or will for any action and that the user (visitor/member) must not take any decision based only and exclusively on the content of this website.

This website has no responsibility for any loss or damage a user can suffer due to information given through this site.

The content of this website can be provided by third parties too (agents or users) and its validity cannot be checked otherwise. Thus, information must be asked from potential buyers, before the transaction made, both from seller and manufacturer of products shown.

Price and terms of the transaction comes after negotiation, made only between interested parties, without any involvement and responsibility of us.

It is strongly advised that communication between members – visitors must not be made only via email but through direct contact too, by telephone etc in order the negotiation to be clear and cases of internet fraud to be limited.

In general, only for advice and without any commitment of this website, every member/visitor must undertake certain actions in case of forthcoming transactions:

a)    When equipment is offered, price and terms must be complied with those presented in the website,

b)   Seller must be the owner of the product at the time of the transaction,

c)    Seller must provide exact and specific information for the product. All information must be crosschecked and verified by the buyer under different and various ways, even by instant communication with the seller or the manufacturer of the product,

d)   Extra fees must not be charged to the buyer by the seller for any information given through this website or for advertised products,

e)    Even though we cannot follow or cope with the transactions, we reserve the right to make checks and controls to our members so as to ensure who have real ability to sell the equipment they advertise, the price they offer, and the terms they have filed/offered/promised. For this purpose members offer their full co-operation to our company.

f)     Filing an advertisement on our website means you agree to pay the amount set for the package you choose, no matter your equipment was or will be sold through our website,

g)   Please confirm the validity of your filed details, as well as the package of advertisement you choose. Any amount paid is not refundable, even in case you have provided false information by mistake or you did not finally sell your equipment,

h)   Files concerning second hand/used equipment comes under standard terms from the manufacturer or/and official merchants,

i)     Neither our company nor the manufacturer is responsible for the accuracy of the information given through this website for the second hand/used equipment,

j)     Finally, this website does not guarantee that it is clear of viruses or that the links used are clear of viruses. Pages of this website might have technical problems or typo mistakes. The information of this website can be updated anytime without prior notice.

Advertisement and Third Parties’ Materials

This website exposes material that comes from third parties. Thus, we hold no responsibility for any lawful expose by error, lack or infidelity arises from third parties. In case a user is engaged in transaction with any third party, this transaction will be ruled by the terms of transaction of the buying party and not of this website’s.  This website contains links with other websites, whose content is unable to be checked or controlled, thus we have no responsibility for the content of these websites.

Submitted Material

By submitting any material to this website you provide us with the right and license to show, expose, publish, translate and reproduce this material or part of it worldwide under any means of technology we think applicable. If you are an owner of property who believes your property has been improperly posted or distributed via this website, please notify us by sending us an e-mail.


All terms such as their amendments are ruled by the Greek Law, the European Law and all relevant International Treaties and Conventions.


The content and the right of use badges, labels, marks and any kind of content of this website is held by the owner of this website. The use of the website and any dispute arises is solved by the Greek jurisdiction - Courts of Athens/Greece. This jurisdiction is accepted by members, visitors and users. The content of the website including images, graphics, animation, videos, photos, music archives, words, letters, sounds, computer programs of all provided services of this website are owned and protected by the Greek Law, the European Law and all relevant International Treaties and Conventions. Thus, none of them, under no circumstances, can be, as whole or part, object for selling, copyright, amendment, reproduction, publication or distribution.


  1. This website offers services under the included terms that define the relation between members – visitors. Please read carefully and comprehend the terms as these will form the agreement between you and the company (website). Members/ Visitors are allowed to visit our pages and our website but only if you agree with the terms of use. If you do not wish to be bound by these terms of use, you must not use this website.  BY USING THIS WEBSITE, YOU AGREE TO THESE TERMS OF USE. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE, DO NOT USE THE SITE.
  2. All terms of use can be amended any time without prior notice. Any amendment will be published under website’s care. In case a user disagrees with the terms he/she must leave this website immediately. Otherwise it is supposed that he/she has accepted all terms.
  3. The terms of use are applied to all visitors and members.

Members’ Subscription

  1. Visitor wishes to file an advertisement must fill all necessary fields in the subscription form by giving all true details as well as offering the requested details for the product he/she wants to advertise. Members are obliged to inform this website for any change of their details.
  2. Members remain exclusively responsible for any acts taken under their personal account and for the careful use of their account. This website is not responsible for any loss or damage caused by members’ incapability to respect and follow these terms of use.

Use of Members

  1. By using this website visitors/members accept their compliance with the terms of use. Any visitor/member is responsible for the handling of his/her passwords he/she uses.
  2. Any data, information, words, letters, videos, graphics, music archives, photos, images, messages etc and all content published in this website by people or companies make them fully responsible for these. In other words, visitors/members are exclusively responsible to file, publish, send, transfer or make their products otherwise available through this website.
  3. For this purpose, any visitor/member accepts and agrees these terms and the responsibility to compensate this website and its partners for any judicial or other conflict arises between this website and third parties, due to the content of the material the visitor/member files, publishes, sends, transfers or makes otherwise available through this website.
  4. Furthermore, visitors/members accept and agree: a) not to use this website for filing, sending, publishing, transferring or using any other method to install or show content that is lawful, harmful, threatening, offending, vicious, swearing, racist or otherwise not acceptable, which violates private rights and personal data, causes feelings of hate or leads to unlawful actions, b) that they have not the right to offer or sell products protected either by law or confidentiality means, c) not to use any form that acts against copyright, d) not to use this website for not authorized advertisement, e) not to use this website for in way that violates, on purpose or not, any local, nation, European, international laws and any other rule which has legal power and concerns or cover any aspect. In case such action comes under visitors’/ member’s knowledge, please inform us through e-mail- our company guarantees confidentiality.
  5. Visitors/members fully understand and accept the international aspect of the internet and must comply with all rules. This website and its partners reserve the right to deny any file or publication etc or even erase content that contradicts to the above. Furthermore, this website and its partners have the right – and not the obligation- to erase any content violates these terms of use.


This website gives all effort to protect personal data of its members. We explain thoroughly how this website collects information and how they are used. If you have any query concerning protection of personal data, please contact us through e-mail.

These terms are in use only for this website and not for any other links etc. The links are not under these terms, so this website is not responsible for the protection of personal data, the quality, the fidelity of services provided by other websites, to which members or visitors are sent through links, hyperlinks and banners. Thus, for any problem arises during the visit or use of the above, the member/visitor must address directly to these websites which hold the responsibility for the services they provide. This website does not accept or agree with the content of other websites. This website reserves the right to change anytime the terms of use and protection of personal data without any prior notice. For all the above, please read every term carefully everytime you visit or entering this website.


Visitors/Members accept all terms of use -and their amendments -and proceed to the use of this website accordingly.


www.gsesuppliers.com ALL RIGHTS RESERVED (2013)



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